Cancelling The Suit of Cups Preorder

Unfortunately, I just had to cancel the preorder of Coffee & Cardigans Book 2, The Suit of Cups. If you preordered, you won’t be charged.

This was a tough decision. I was racing toward the deadline until I got an unexpected medical diagnosis. It’s nothing life-threatening, but it really surprised me and I’ve needed to go to lots of doctor’s appointments.

I’m also planning to move in the next few weeks, another step I wasn’t planning to complete when I set the preorder. Plus the mental illness stuff. It’s all just sort of a Cancel Your Preorder Stew.

So cancelling was the only choice, unless I wanted to race and put out a book I wasn’t proud of, and probably wouldn’t be edited in any way. Of course I don’t want to do this to anyone who reads my books, so I cancelled it.

But this doesn’t mean the book isn’t coming out soon! I’m still hard at work on it. It just means it may be a little later than I anticipated.

Thank you to anyone who preordered. If you want to keep up to date, you can subscribe to my mailing list to know when it goes live. 💕