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The Suit of Cups

Cole just got a second job as a tarot reader at The Waxing Moon, a local New Age shop, to help pay the bills from his top surgery, and to keep his apartment after his roommate moves out. He’s never dated anyone, and he thinks maybe he’s finally ready to give it a try.

Sam runs into Cole when he comes into the shop looking for a gift for a friend. Sam is immediately interested in hooking up with him, but Cole is oblivious to his advances. Despite not believing in any of that “hippie nonsense,” he is desperate for more time with Cole, so he books a weekly tarot reading.

As the two of them begin to reveal more about themselves and more cards are laid, their feelings start to grow. But Sam is having trouble believing what the cards have to tell him…

The Suit of Cups is available for pre-order on Amazon, and you can read it in Kindle Unlimited after release (date TBD).